Hi, I’m Adriaan, Founder of the Food Intolerance Testing Group & Comfortably Well

Ten years ago, I suffered from a bloated feeling and abdominal distension after eating. Sometimes I also had diarrhea and then constipation, I went crazy sometimes. I felt old and tired, and that’s how I looked as well. I was overweight, with no energy, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

I took pills for everything that I suffered from, and I had to deal with unpleasant side effects. It didn’t make me feel any better, on the contrary: I felt worse and worse. At one point I was taking pills for the side effects of the pills that I was already taking.

When I went to England for business, I came into contact with a friend of my business partner. He told me about a Laboratory that had been working with a completely new technique for years, to determine food intolerance.

The test based on biotechnology is carried out by means of hair, saliva, and blood samples or a combination thereof. That’s how they ensure the highest accuracy. Hair samples are regularly used as a drug test, at crime scenes, in hormone testing, and in nutrition and mineral analyses.

When I had a bloated feeling again after dinner, I thought, let’s do that test. What do I have to lose? I just had to send in my samples and opted for an urgent result, because then I would receive the result by email in only 48 hours and it turned that I am intolerant for three foods, two vitamins were short and were allergic to a plant in my living room. With the results of the test and their advice, I have been able to take the right steps. After a few weeks, I felt a lot better.

Now I have not been taking any pills for years and I no longer suffer from a bloated feeling, diarrhea, or constipation. My blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect and there is no danger of diabetes anymore. I feel fit, and my energy level is good again.

Because of my own struggle and search, I came into contact with the aforementioned test centre and I now work with them. They are the undisputed world market leader in the field of combined hair and saliva tests.

My mission is to make as many people as possible familiar with this simple test. And I am quite proud that I can offer you a good test for a low price. This test is an excellent start to gain insight into your current situation. I have been in the same place as you, felt the same frustration and powerlessness. I want to help you so that you will feel better than ever before, that you are overflowing with energy and want to do fun things again. And so that you can go eat out again with friends and/or family without having to worry, feeling free to eat whatever you want on birthdays or other parties.

Ultimately, it is about you and the problems you experience with symptoms caused by food intolerances. You want a solution for that problem and preferably as quickly as possible.

Why Customers Choose Me?

I care about clients who choose to work with me directly, and I address their needs and expectations by offering them different testing options, affordability, and good old-fashioned customer service. Here are a few specific examples of the things I do to satisfy my customers.

  • Great Value
    We have the most complete test on the market because we test on both hair and blood! Plus you benefit from our bonus guidance and free E-books.
  • Friendly and Caring
    Every member of my team takes pride in their work, and we also pride ourselves on being there to help you with questions.
  • We Really Know Our Stuff
    Food Sensitivity isn’t the kind of thing that you want to guess about. We have remained very focused on being at the forefront of sensitivity testing science.
  • No Games
    Because we are a lab, we are not involved in the bureaucracy and politics that often sideline patient care in the medical industry. The health of those we serve and the quality of our work ALWAYS comes first.
  • What Else?
    Here are some other words that our customers often use to describe us: helpful, thorough, reasonably priced, and … “the best!”

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Feel Comfortable.

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Feel Comfortable.

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