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Most participants in our affiliate program earn thousands per month. All you need to do is sign up (it takes seconds) to get a personal link and refer your followers to our top-rated Food Sensitivity Test with simultaneous Saliva and Blood Finger Prick samples tested on +1000 items.

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What is our affiliate Program?

Learn how to improve people’s health with our unique Food Sensitivity Test on +1000 items, tested simultaneously on both Saliva and Blood Finger-Prick Samples, all backed by ComfortablyWell’s Customer Success Commitment (23 Days Plan — Follow Up). For every ComfortablyWell customer you share through your free referral link, we pay you a minimum of 30% of the purchased item price.

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How Does it Work?

Simply share your unique link and when a customer purchases, you will earn a minimum of 30%. It’s that simple. The more customers you refer, and the more your customers purchase, the more you can earn, up to a 40% commission. This is an amazing opportunity for you and your customers.

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Join Our Unique Affiliate Program Today

Start earning up to 40% commission

1 Use your unique link immediately

Anyone can join the ComfortablyWell Affiliate Program. You don’t even need to be an ComfortablyWell customer! Just click here and you’ll get:

  • Your unique referral link, which works as soon as you get it
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2 Share the gift of health

Share your link, start earning. It’s that easy. If you look at it, you are able to share the gift of health. You are in control to help people become healthier and get paid doing so.

  • Help others to become healthier
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  • A dashboard to track your progress

3 Earn up to 40% Commission!

That’s it! You’re ready to earn. You’ll get up to 40% of whatever the people you refer pay to ComfortablyWell. The average affiliate earns thousands per month, and there are influencers and people in the program earning even more!

  • Access to your earnings in the Affiliate Portal
  • No hassle to get started
  • Allow your friends and family to become healthy

Love the opportunity

“As a naturopath, I found out that quite a few of my clients had stomach issues. One of my clients had wonderful results and improvements thanks to the in-depth results offered by ComfortablyWell. I decided to partner up and now sell roughly 5 tests per week. A nice bonus, but a huge improvement for my own customers.”

Lilly / WellHealth

An opportunity to join an amazing program

Why do partners love the ComfortablyWell Affiliate program?

Top Rated Product

Our products are loved by many people. We offer the most exclusive combination testing method in the world. No other company both tests hair and saliva samples simultaneously.

Hassle Free

All you need to do is spread your unique link to as many people as possible. We close the deal, you earn the commission.

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Start earning up to 40% commission

Refer people to a healthy lifestyle they will  love

Fueled by our state-of-the-art blood and saliva test (we test on +1000 items) and accompanied by an in-depth, clear and helpful report (+65 pages) you can now help your friends, colleagues, and clients to become healthier.

Our customers love our highly detailed test results and follow-up e-books. Over more than 40 years of top Food related health industry experience are bundled in our free bonus documentation.

It is now your chance to help others and receive a nice commission by doing so.

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