Unique testing method

Combined samples home test to give you
complete and highly accurate results

Our unique testing method on both your hair and finger prick samples is the most accurate way to find any intolerances or sensitivities. Because we use two testing methods instead of one, we can test more items and give you highly accurate results. We give you the best of both worlds.

We now offer you the most complete and accurate food sensitivity and intolerance test where your samples are tested against common substances, along with a whopping 1000+ items.

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The Science We Use

Your hair is a tape recorder

Hair testing can distinguish minor intolerances that are more difficult to detect, utilizing different methods as prejudices can take a few days to affect the body after ingestion.

It is non-obtrusive and a wide assortment of items can be tried, from foods and preservatives and additives to natural synthetic compounds, any type of body hair can be tested even colored or dyed hair.

Detailed By Default

Blood uncovers detailed information about your lifestyle and wellbeing

Our blood testing finger pricks are science-based tests that look at your immune system against certain foods. … Numerous of our customers experience the ill effects of responses to the foods they eat or drink, without acknowledging what could be causing those responses.

During a blood test, a little sample of blood is taken from your body with a straightforward finger prick. It is utilized to quantify various substances in the blood. The outcomes can help identify medical issues in early stages, when medications or way of life changes may work best to get you healthier again.

The Equipment

We test your samples on the most advanced certified Class-11 Scanners

Testing is carried out with cutting-edge technology, using one of the most advanced Certified Class 11 Medical scanners accredited devices according to ISO EN 13485 available in the world today. The samples are placed into the equipment – each item is tested line by line against the recorded resonances of all 1000+ items.

Our laboratory assistants set the equipment to record any items showing a difference in frequency of 60% or above.

Olympic Teams

Our technology has been in use for over 50 years and continues to be researched, developed and improved

The technology can be mainly found in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Zweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands where medical practitioners often use it. Its also being used by professional sportteams and Olympic teams. More recently, it was introduced in government hospitals in China.

The use of the technology and the scientific research continues to grow year on year. We have attached, just a few of the latest studies and scientific papers into this technology and also into the worldwide increase of allergies and intolerances.


Easy to understand yet informative results

Indepth personal results combined with our expert 23 days guidance plan

We identify the problem foods that make you sick and tired. We find the items that give you stomach issues, bloated feelings and skin irritations. We help you to solve your issues and get healthy again with practical and hands-on information.

Consider this

Why our combined test is the better option

We don’t want to tire you with all the technical details but think about it like this.

Our combined testing method home kits are more accurate because: With one earphone its possible to listen to music on your cellphone but… the combination of two sounds much better. You can see through one glass in your eyeglasses but… you can see better and more accurate with two. You can eat plain spaghetti but, combined with the sauce it tastes better.

We surely hope you get the gist of this. A combined test is better than one. Eliminate guesses, bet on more accuracy. Trust a combined testing method.

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