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Please follow these steps in order to get your way around our Affiliate Program and learn how to share your unique link with friends, clients and others. 

How To Get Started:

Step 1: Read And Understand The Terms

Take your time and read through the terms and conditions. It is important to read through them and understand what it implies

Important Conditions

  • Current Commission Rate: 30%
  • Required Payout Facility: PayPal
  • Minimum Payout: $200
  • Referral Cookie Follow: 60 days
  • Refunded orders are deducted from commissions
  • Commissions are based on the price at the time of purchase. Any kind of price increase or decrease will not affect the commission recorded at the time of purchase.
Step 2: Your Personal Affiliate Dashboard

Welcome to your personal dashboard. You can see your sales, clicks, visits. You can get your personal links and can even edit your profile.

Feel familiar with every section and head over to your affiliate link.
(The unique ID is blurred out in this screenshot)

Step 3: Locate your Unique Referral URL

You are now ready to start driving traffic to your unique URL.
Every affiliate has their own unique Affiliate ID, this ID will be used at the end of our website URL. Take a look at the screenshot and notice the green box. We have blurred out the unique ID.

This will place a cookie in the visitor’s browser and follow them to track the affiliate referral link (Referral Cookie Follow: 60 days).

Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID:

This unique URL can be shared on Facebook, your website/blog and other social media channels, you can even email the URL or send it though Messenger, WhatsApp, … Ensure you copy/paste the entire URL, and you are good to go.

Affiliate links and incognito mode:

Our affiliate system will work just fine, as long as the user visits the site with the correct URL you gave them. Once the browser closes the cookie is gone, this won’t affect the referral if the purchase was successful.

Step 5: Next steps?

Now you are ready to share your unique links with the world.
Be creative. The better your blog post, article, website is… the more you will earn.

We cover all important questions in our FAQ section. Please ensure you read these Frequently Asked Questions, as they will be truly helpful for your affiliate success story.

Good luck!

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